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Budget – Encumbrances – Expenditures = Balance

SmarteFinance was developed from the ground up specifically for school district and county office business processing. It offers the full range of functionality expected of any  leading accounting package, but delivers it in an enviroment tailored to the unique needs of a school district.

The program has won solid praise from users for its ability to increase day-to-day productivity, due largely to its logical and user-friendly interface that brings new users up to speed quickly.

SmarteFinance's key features include:

  • easy-to-use setup and operations;
  • flexible account code structure;
  • SACS compliance;
  • fully integrated modules;
  • full scalability for small to large districts;
  • Web-enabled operation;
  • support for State SACS software; and
  • lowest cost of ownership.

SmarteFinance: Discover what your financial software should look like. For more information or to request a demo, contact Smartetools today.

Download SmartFinance PDF Here

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